Today, we will tell you some interesting things related to your death. Do you want to know that there is a way to know your death is near or not? No one has all the signs and foreshadows of his own death. It is said that with the help of science, we can know when our death can occur. The signs of our death are related to our birth, as we normally begin to indicate signs of death from nine months before, but if someone has lived in his mother’s womb for 7 months, then it begins to indicate signs of his death 7 months earlier. There are many ways of predicting death in our scriptures. Therefore, we will tell you about some signs of death prediction, which will tell you the signs of your death.

1) We always hear an anomaly when our ears are closed. If the person does not hear the Anahata sound (the sound, when we close both of our ears with our hands) after hearing the ears, then it is the fate of the death.

2) As time goes by, if someone is facing difficulty in seeing the tip of a nose, it means that the person’s eyes have slowly started climbing upwards. And at the time of death every person’s eyes go up and down, so if this happens then the death of that person is near.

3) When somebody is about to die, sometime before that, the celestial body in the sky appears to be fragmented. He feels that all the things have started to be divided into two parts, whereas nothing like this is happening.

4) The person feels that there is someone unknown in front of him who looks dull.

5) When a person’s shadow leaves him with a moment for a moment, then his death is going to happen in the constellation of the nakshatra and is near.

6) If an individual starts to feel the life of living with his ancestors, then this incident always seems two days before death.

7) If a person starts seeing his face without seeing his face in the mirror, his death is due to occur within 24 hours.

8) If the odor of smell comes from the human body before death, then it is given the name of death odor.

9) If both of your voices start walking, then your end is near because every person always has the same voice, if you want to know how to identify it, then keep your index finger finger water under your nostrils, you only have one Only the nostrils will experience air flow, it is called the tone of voice. Therefore, if both vowels begin to move then your death is certain. By the way, this experience appears about two to three days ago.

Talking about someone’s death can never be a good idea. People say that if we do that or even talk about death, it spreads negativity. God gave us this life, so instead of talking or searching for death, we live the life we are living in. because at last death will come to us naturally.

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