Psychic abilities of a human being vary with individuals. Based on what we have learnt and how we have been grown plays an important role in building our psychic abilities as an adult. Every normal human being is born with some of the psychic abilities, but if they don’t use them or polish their skill with practicing then it gets fade with time.

Young children do have their chakras well balanced and clear because of which they can see and experience the psychic world that an adult don’t. This is very common for children to see something unusual, glimpse future events and even going beyond this dimension.

Parents of these special children need to be there supporting hand. If these children are given proper support and training they can develop their skill to a new level. With continuous practice they can master their skill and become a psychic healer.  There are so many possibilities for these children. They can be fortune teller, helping others in making life good. But as we know, if we won’t practice our natural skills it will be lost.

We know that parents are the first teacher for their children. No school or classroom can teach them better than child parents. But unfortunately we see number of parents, complaining about their child psychic skills. They try almost everything on their child to get rid of their natural skills. They don’t consider it normal. People criticize such children who can see what others can’t. This is a nature’s gift and once left abandoned then it will be lost and at later stage it will be very difficult to review old abilities. Parents should make this a fun game. They should enjoy the every act and every moments of their child development. Rather they should be the part of their child psychic journey.  

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